Jeremy Kyle guest says shegot pregnant by breastfeeding’ not condom tampering – News Live

Jeremy Kyle guest says shegot pregnant by breastfeeding' not condom tampering – News Live

A Jeremy Kyle guest claimed she gotpregnant by breastfeeding’ rather than condom tampering in a very bizarre claim.  Barry, 25, wanted to know if estranged wife Gail, 25, had sabotaged the condoms before giving birth to their second son.  He came for DNA test results on their son because Gail had previously claimed he might not be the dad.  Insisting he always wore protection, Barry said: “I was vigorous on that.”  However, Gail hit back by suggesting that she got pregnant because she was breastfeeding their firstborn.  She said: “I did not sabotage anything. We got pregnant because I was breastfeeding.”  Stunned host Jeremy cried “what” as he struggled to get his head around the odd claim.  The presenter then told Gail she had scored a “massive own goal” by telling Barry he wasn’t the father in a fit of rage.  When asked if she had tampered with the condoms, she said: “Why would I do that I’m not a child.”  The lie detector test results proved that Gail was telling the truth.  While Barry was confirmed to be the biological father in the DNA test results.  Although he did change the dates on the lie detector test, which Gail said meant he “technically cheated” on her.   Confused The Jeremy Kyle Show viewers took to Twitter after the bizarre claim.  One viewer said: “Actually breast feeding would prevent you getting up the duff stupid, not make it easier.  Another added: “#JeremyKyle pls can someone explain how you get pregnant from breast feeding??”  A third said: “You got pregnant cos you were breastfeeding?!it’s harder to get pregnant when breastfeeding not impossible, but you wouldn’t get pregnant because you were breastfeeding”   *The Jeremy Kyle Show airs weekdays on ITV at 9.25am   Do you have a story to sell? Get in touch with us at or call us direct 0207 29 33033 Read More Showbiz and TV editor’s picks Jeremy Kyle guest says shegot pregnant by breastfeeding’ not condom tampering – News Live


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