Ask-Me Monday 1/12/15: Choosing a Baby Carrier,Breastfeeding

Ask-Me Monday 1/12/15: Choosing a Baby Carrier,Breastfeeding

Facebook fan Sarah asks for some help selecting a baby carrier for her second baby. This is a very basic introduction to babywearing and does not cover every aspect or every type of carrier. The best way to choose a carrier and learn to use it is to find a local babywearing group, visit a baby boutique, or find a friend where you can try out some carriers and have someone show you in person how to use them.
Check out some of the linked videos to see a Moby wrap and a Beco Soleil in action!

For an excellent instructional video on using a ring sling, see this video:
(I am not in any way affiliated with Tula and have never used one of their carriers, but these instructions apply to any quality ring sling and the video is clear and well done.)

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