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My breastfeeding journey has been extremely challenging since day one. I’ve struggled with latching, engorged breasts, exclusively pumping, and now having to give up all together. It has been a roller coaster of a ride, but I am definitely ready to finish. If you are struggling with breastfeeding, know you are not alone! It’s a very harsh reality when you see a dip in your supply and you constantly stress over it, causing it to dip more😅. It does get better! And if you’re like me, and you are struggling with time & mentally fed up with pumping, it’s okay to let it go. You are still a great mom!

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Welcome to our channel!! My name is Jessica! I have a little girl who is 9 years old, named Lillie, and I just had a baby boy, named Oliver! And I’m engaged to Anthony. We’ve created this channel to share our journey through teen pregnancy, co-parenting, step parenting, motherhood, and the working mom life! We have it all! I hope you stick around to get to know us!

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