benifits of breastfeeding newborn baby and how to increase the milk for breastfeeding or pumping



The newborn baby depends on breastfeeding and mother’s milk to get food, as the mother’s milk contains the nutrients necessary for the child’s physical and mental development, and protects the child from some diseases; so the mother must be careful to increase the generation of milk to get the baby enough and feel full,

Here are some ways to increase breast milk:

Reasons for lack of breast milk and ways to increase

the reasons for lack of breast milk
1) you probably Stayedtoo long time before you start breastfeeding the baby.

2)Breast ulcers can reduce breast milk, or because of previous breast surgeries.

4)Some diseases, such as diabetes,

5) as well as taking certain drugs and drugs that affect the generation of breast milk.

Ways to increase breast milk

The mother must breastfeed the baby immediately after birth, and then commit to breastfeeding repeatedly during different hours of the day, and in the case of sleep the baby must wake up and breastfeeding, the more the baby sucking milk increases the secretion of hormone prolactin, a hormone responsible for milk production,
The more the baby is fed, the more milk will be generated, so the mother should regulate her time.
The mother breastfeeding her baby from both breasts at a time to empty them repeatedly, taking care to increase the duration of breastfeeding and make sure that the position of the baby to breastfeed is correct.
Drink large quantities of fluids during the lactation period, especially water, in addition to other liquids such as: fenugreek, fennel and some types of herbs because of their significant role in the generation of breast milk.
The mother has access to a healthy diet and contains all the necessary nutrients; such as: vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and fats, and can also take some supplements but under the supervision of a doctor.
The mother should get enough hours of sleep in addition to rest and relaxation, and stay away from stress, anxiety, and fatigue because of the negative impact on the mother’s milk and reduce its production.
Gently massage the breast, which increases the amount of milk in it.
Avoid taking some drugs that reduce the generation of milk in the breast except under the supervision of the doctor competent to treat them, and should stay away from smoking and people who smoke as well, in addition to not drinking alcoholic, carbonated drinks, and all other stimulant drinks.

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